“Over the years I have developed pains in my back and neck, and very severe headaches. I was to the point of taking OTC pain medications on a daily basis. I started working with DR. Singleton on a regular basis to correct problems in my spine. Plus I sat through a report of his where he explained how to take care of our spines in the future. My headaches are rare now, but I feel so much better as a whole. My allergies are all but gone, my energy is high and my whole outlook is positive. Thank you, Dr. Ron for all you’ve done for me.”

-Delane Bibler, Wenatchee-

“My daughter, Amianna has been dealing with migraine headaches since she was 12. We had tried several different medications, but nothing worked. We came to Dr. Singleton on the recommendation of a friend. In the year and half of care, Amianna’s headaches are nearly gone and I have seen improvements with her immune system. Thank you!”

– Monica Pappe, East Wenatchee-

“Having almost daily migraines for many months running, I decided to try chiropractic. To my delight, Dr. Singleton jumped right into the challenge… and it DID help my migraines. I never hesitate to use chiropractic as the need arises”

-Kathy Lingo, Wenatchee-

“For the last several years, I have suffered from frequent migraine or general headaches on a daily basis. I had consulted with Dr. Singleton and after my exam, I knew he could help me. Not only have my headaches subsided substantially but also the severity of the headaches has improved.”

-Teresa Allen, East Wenatchee-



“In the summer of 2007, I started having pain down my left. In November 2007 I had surgery on my low back to remove my L4 disc. After the surgery, I still had numbness in my left leg and problems walking and holding my balance. MD’s did not have an answer for me. I decided to try Dr. Singleton after listening to his Dr. repot with my wife. In a couple of months my problem with leg pain and numbness and my balance is gone and I’m back working as a desk clerk at Central Washington Hospital walking about 4 miles per shift!”

-Bob Stremke, Wenatchee-

“I started having sciatica pain down my right hip and leg. My primary doctor gave me pain pills. I decided I didn’t want to take pain pills the rest of my life so I went to Dr. Singlton for chiropractic care. I started with him and 8 days later, I was nearly pain free. At the same time I had numbness in the fingers of my left hand. This also has cleared up. Thank you, Dr. Singleton!”

-Gloria Robinson, Wenatchee-



“For many years I have had acid stomach when I bent over or would lay down. After several chiropractic treatments with Dr. Singleton, I now have not had any acid reflux episodes. My chronic sinus problems (over 50 years) have also improved.”

-Aaron Hickethier, Wenatchee-

“Since Dr. Singleton has been working with me, I no longer have acid indigestion. I have reduced my medicines for both my stomach and blood pressure and I have MORE energy and feel so much better. I can’t thank him enough!”

-Hollis Mason, East Wenatchee

“My 4-year old son always had occasional constipation. Then the problem seemed to worsen. My son was having bowel movements once per week with great difficulty. Dr. Singleton examined him and said he could help. Within two chiropractic treatments my son was having regular bowel movements. He now gets checked about once a month to stay well.”

-Deann Gossard, Rock Island


Hip and Leg

“When I walked into Dr.Singleton’s office the first time, my knees and legs hurt so badly that I needed two canes to get around. He has saved my life. I know he has improved my ability to walk again. I even go to the gym and workout now which is something I never thought I would do. Thank you, Dr. Ron. You have given me a chance at a new life.”

-Nancy Newton, Wenatchee-

“At age 64, I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 18 years, and just expected it to get worse as I took handful of medications. But in 5 short weeks my hip and leg pain have improved from not being able to stand longer than 7 seconds to standing for several minutes. I live with daily headaches for years, especially since a car accident in 2007. I would take 4-6 Tylenol each day. I have not taken a pain reliever for nearly 4 weeks now and have not had a headache in the time.”

-Sharon Anderson, Wenatchee

“Early in 2001 I started going to Dr.Singleton and he helped me so much with sore hips. I have been a steady patient ever since. I’ve had numerous problems caused by scoliosis, but he mostly keeps me feeling good and staying active. I’m 77 years old and feel great!”

-Dorothy Lenny-

“My lower legs had been hurting below the knees for about a year. They only bothered me at night when I tried to rest or sleep. I used some Biofreeze which helped for a while, but not very long. Two weeks into starting my care with Dr. Singleton, my legs were better and have stayed that way. Now I can go a long time and my legs do good.”

-Hazel Hodgen, East Wenatchee-

“For years, I had pain in my feet, hips and back and could only be on my feet for 15-20 minutes at a time. After starting with chiropractic care, I still have pain, but I can be on my feet for longer periods of time. I’ve cut down on my pain meds. Also, with my care, I don’t have much acid reflux or asthma attacks anymore!”

-Maxine Hickethier, Wenatchee-



“I was having weekly allergy shots for over 10 years when I started care with Singleton Chiropractic. After about 2 months of care, I was able to completely STOP my allergy shots without any ill-effects. Thank you for helping regain my health!”

-Matthew Van Doren, East Wenatchee-

“I visited Dr. Ron for an examination of my allergy problems. He found misuse had taken a toll on my spine, however adjustments have made in much better. I’ve had allergy problems most of my life and I have been pretty much allergy free since, thanks to his treatments. Life is much better now.”

-Carl Anderson, Wenatchee-


“I consulted with Dr.Singleton to discuss my peripheral neuropathy, a condition I’ve had for years. Dr. Singleton suggested I have examination to discover the extent of the neuropathy and to decide if I would be a good candidate for a treatment shown to help neuropathy. Following the exam and thinking I might benefit, I began scheduling visits with Dr.Singleton to use an electrical impulse device called the Rebuilder, as well as spinal adjustments to help my nervous system. I’ve begun to realize the returning sensation of feeling in my legs an feet, as well as experiencing a better balance as I walk. The numbness and tingling in my arms and hands improved also. This is such an improvement and I feel the nerves will continue to respond and heal with my visits to Dr.Singleton.

-Lynne Barnhart, East Wenatchee-

“Thanks to Dr. Singleton, I have already noticed improvement in my feet after only two weeks of chiropractic adjustments and exercises to my feet and lower back! I have had neuropathy for 2-3 years and it has been getting worse as time goes by. I feel I am much better so far and I thank him for his help.”

-William Dorsett, Wenatchee-

“I have severe neuropathy and have used the ReBuilder seven times now. It helps me tremendously. It helps me sleep at night whereas if I miss a treatment, I don’t sleep that well.”

-Duane Smith, Wenatchee-

“I wanted to get some relief for my neuropathy of my feet, so I started care with Dr.Singleton. I am now into treatments about 6 weeks and am getting better. So far I’m 60% better. I am able to sleep at night without taking pain pills. Considering it took years to get this bad, I feel the results are going quite nicely.”

-Dorothy Umberger, Wenatchee-

“I suffered with numbness and pain in my feet and hands for the past 8 months. After seeing his flyer in the paper, I came in for an examination. He advised me that I would benefit from some treatment for my neuropathy. I responded very well to the treatments, including chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise information with using a device called the Rebuilder. It has been only 6 weeks since I started my care and I have already improved 90%!! I am able to get a good night of sleep and am doing much better throughout the day! Thank you, Dr. Singleton!

-Helga Marr, Wenatchee-

“I have known and been treated by Ron Singleton for about 10 years. In the past he has treated me for the usual twinges, muscle grabs, stiff neck and the things that happen to our bodies in living… Until October 2013. At that time I was attacked with a severe case of shingles leaving me unable to raise my left arm above my elbow and my left shoulder useless. I needn’t explain the pain, anyone who has had them knows. After several months of treatments the use of my shoulder has returned and the pain has subsided so it is at least livable. I don’t hesitate to recommend Ron to anyone, because his treatments have made a big difference in my life. P.S. The office staff is very nice too

-James Hartley, Wenatchee-

“I found the Rebuilder has helped me considerably with my peripheral neuropathy. I have feeling in my feet, which was numb for the past year. I am sure with continued usage of the Rebuilder, I will continue to gain more feeling!”

-Claudia Cooper, Wenatchee-


General Health

“I have been a patient of Dr.Singleton for approximately 3 years now. Since seeing him regularly in that time, he has helped improve my well being and health immensely. I will continue seeing him because I don’t want to ever go back to the condition I was before. I believe he is probably prolonging my life and I know I have better quality of life. I would recommend him to anyone with any type of health issues

-Janice Beck, Wenatchee-



“After my first visit, I could tell immediately that my balance was much improved. I am 81 years old. At the second visit, I showed Dr. Singleton I could stand on my right leg alone- something I haven’t been able to do since I had a moderate stroke affecting my right side. I can walk up and down stairs easily, but before I was never sure my right leg would hold me. I am very impressed with Dr. Singleton’s work after just 2 visits!”

-Delores Stoops, East Wenatchee-

“After going to the dentist for a filling, I was unable to open my mouth very much or eat food without a great deal of jaw pain. This persisted for a month. I made an appointment with Dr. Singleton and drove from Royal City to see him. I felt a sense of relief after my first adjustment. Although my jaw was tender for a few days, I was quickly able to open my mouth and actually start eating soft foods again. Thank you for your expert care.”

-Brenda Dixon, Royal City-

“In the year that I’ve come to see Dr. Ron I have not had a single cold or flu like this is the healthiest I’ve been in my life. I appreciate his gentle manner and caring nature.”

-Lori Brodin, Wenatchee-

“In January 2005, I came to Dr. Singleton. I was taking blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, anxiety medication and acetaminophen on a regular or daily basis… at the age of 32. Dr. Singleton explained that regular chiropractic care allow me to get off some of my medicines. I was excited at the possibility! After three months of care and changing my diet slightly, I have cut my medicines in half and my care has helped with my neck pain, headaches and other aches and pains. Everyone can benefit greatly from chiropractic care.”

-Penny Wheatcroft, Wenatchee-